Noyes Fludde is a production based on the biblical tale of Noah’s Ark. The main themes that I picked up on through reading the text and listening to the falsetto of the opera was this theme of creating a new world, and starting fresh. This led me to think about the art movement of Futurism as they share similar ideals. When beginning my research into Futurism I came across an article on the Guggenheim’s website, where I found the quote; ‘They sought to revitalize what they determined to be a static, decaying culture and an impotent nation that looked to the past for its identity.’ I think that this quote links so well to the thoughts of God when he decides he wants to create a new uncorrupted world.


(Source: Guggenheim. Image by Fortunato Depero)

One of the most interesting aspects of this project for me was the fact that we were designing for the Arkwright Courtyard. This really inspired me because I love the idea of designing for spaces other than traditional theatre spaces. The monochrome nature of the gothic architecture of the courtyard is another reason why I thought that Futurism as a concept would work really well. I think that the bright colours and sharp shapes of the movement would contrast really well with the traditional nature of the architecture.


(Newton/ Arkwright Courtyard, NTU, original photo)

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