My costume designs also stemmed from looking at Futurism. The main inspiration for the designs came from the Italian futurism film; Thaïs. This film is a black and white film, and although this is not a design decision, I loved the colorless shapes. The designs were based on creating optical illusions in the set. The artist Enrico Prampolini, who also inspired a lot of my set design developments, designed the set of Thaïs. I wanted the costumes to provide ease of movement for the cast, especially for the animals who I intend to be not just singing but doing physical theatre and dance as well.


(Source: Wikipedia. Image by Enrico Prampolini : Thaïs)

I have the intention of having a mixture of adults and children making up the groups of animals. The reason behind this is because I have the vision of the animals creating levels to aid the audience to see the action when the entire cast and congregation are within the material Ark. Thaïs was not the only aesthetic inspiration behind the costume designs for the Animals, I also thought back to the anatomical horse that we created as part of the Woyzeck project. I loved the way that worked and how you could see the person behind the mask. I thought that this would create a really interesting element of the opera.

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