Our end game of this project is to create a short performance for other members of the course to watch. The performance is based on the German Opera ‘Woyzeck’. We have decided to combine the ideas of the whole year and create a big collaborative piece.

The piece will begin with a group of beggars rising from the ground and venturing out into the audience to beg and pester. This is meant to depict the normality of Woyzeck’s life and the idea of him in need of money.

We then see a force of soldiers holding Police squat shields march in loudly. These soldiers will move the audience to the are in which the next scene will take place. The next scene is where the experiment takes place. Here a human Woyzeck is experimented on through a series of tableaus where he then slowly becomes a puppet to show the deterioration of of his mental state. There is also focus on creating a horse puppet for Woyzeck to become. This is down to multiple references to anatomical horse in the play text, and also to the story of a scientist that was driven to madness after witnessing a horse being tortured in Germany.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 13.06.24.png

From the experimentation scene, the beggars appear again to move the audience to their next position. Here they witness the expantion of a large spiralled tunnel that runs the majority of the way down the length of the theatre. Through this tunnel, Woyzeck, as a horse, walks through. The tunnel is the spiral decline of his mental state and is the transformation period for the character. The audience are encouraged to follow the horse through the tunnel to the next area of action.


The next theme tackled in the production is Adultery. The audience are lead to an interesting area next. This is the section that I primarily worked on. The floor is a large pair of garish, bright red lips, on these lips stand two people with lips as heads, these lips have holes in the centre where the arms of the people show through. This section is sensuous and seductive and is a complete contrast to the rest of the performance.

The last element of the production tackles the themes of death and murder within the play. Here the lips and the beggars help to guide the audience into drapes of material. Within this area of material there is a huge knife hanging in the centre. On the strips a projection of blood falling into water is playing, which creates an atmospheric environment that engulfs the audience. The production ends with the knife dramatically plummeting to the ground.

Throughout the entirety of the production a chant is occurring. The chant was written by me and two others, we took lines from the text that apply to each section and put them to a rhythm.

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