The next stage of the project was to look into ways in which we could create a processional performance of the opera ‘Woyzeck’. To do this we were asked to think back to all of the work we had done over the past couple of weeks. We had to look at creating things through architectural forms and carefully consider which elements of the story were vital to include.

My group chose to focus on imagery we could attach to the key words of; Death, Water, Murder, Infidelity and initial normality. We decided to create a procession involving 7 people and structures that they either held or that extended their bodies. The procession itself would have two starting positions and then meet in the middle. The colliding of the processions was decided in order to show Woyzeck’s decent into madness.

To depict normality we had two people carrying a structure that showed a heart beat. This would also be shown through sound. The procession then became two people dancing with two christian crosses. This was used to show infidelity as we felt it was a strong statement to make. At another point a large knife truck is wheeled on, to show murder, which then cuts through the religious crosses to show the action of adultery. The next part of the procession is a huge over head flow of material that becomes the water Woyzeck drowns in at the end. Through this large water structure you are then able to see Woyzeck with a large extension of another cross, to show that he has now died.


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