The first week of the 18th Century Project was spent making our very own, historically accurate corset. This process was not only long, but very difficult. We had a week to complete this task, which was definitely not long enough. I really enjoyed the technical elements of this task, and I feel that it really pushed my making skills.

I was surprised by the feeling of wearing a corset and of how painful they were. I can safely say that women of our generation are lucky to not have to endure it every day.

I think the thing I struggle with the most, when it comes to making garments, is the fit. This project has helped me to take another step toward an accurately fitting garment. An 18th century corset is figure hugging, with the aim of producing an almost triangular shaped body. The corset is straight at the front, and is pulled in considerably at the waist. In this period the Woman’s dresses were getting wider and wider at the hips, and so this helped to accentuate the waist even more.

Images of the Process:



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