Another development exercise we all created a short graphic comic strip of a scene from The Ash Girl. This was an interesting task for me, as graphic is not my usual style. The exercise definitely got me to direct the play in more detail. It made me think about what the play is trying to say.

I chose Act 1 Scene 11; Who lives in the mirror? This scene is the scene we are introduced to the fairy in the mirror. It is a very long scene, and one of the most typical to the story of Cinderella. I chose to focus on the transformation of Ashie herself. I think that this is an interesting change, as it is all about her feelings toward herself and not just a change of clothes. She begins the scene believing she is ugly and worthless and ends it believing she is beautiful.

Another key part of this scene that I chose to include was a line that Otter says ;

‘Do you have any idea how dangerous fairies are? They’re always changing things, turning the world topsy-turvy. You’re going to change me into something, I can see it in your face.’

I like this quote as Otter is a friend to Ashie and he is almost warning her that she is beautiful the way she is, she doesn’t need the fairy to change anything about herself. She should believe in herself the way she really is.


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