As one of the development processes when exploring the play; Red Red Shoes, we were asked to create a sculpture. The idea being that each person within the class creates their own personal response to the play. The only brief we were given to this task was that it had to be a 3D piece, the rest was left to our imaginations.

The first thing I had to consider was; what was my response to the play? I think it is a very relevant topic in the world today. There are a lot of issues in todays society to do with refugees and racial discrimination. I think it is a topic that needs to be discussed with young people, one that they need to understand.

For my sculpture I decided to take a less literal path. I wanted to play on the setting of the play. Charles Way makes a reference to this ;

‘It would be truer to say, however that the play takes place in the head of a traumatised child’.

This stood out to me alongside another quote;

She covers her eyes and waits

and waits, and when she opens them

the boots have gone to the edges 

of the edgeless room.’

Can a room really be edgeless?

Within the play it also states that the setting is a medical centre. All these quotes led me to think about creating a more abstract response to the location of the play.

My sculpture was made up of a sphere, painted to represent the edgeless room, and a ball of wire within, intended to represent the head of a traumatised child.



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