Our brief was to create a photoshopped story board for at least 5 scenes of the play. This allowed us to show how our design will be used in a more interesting way. I liked playing around on photoshop to create these, I think it made it easier to give each scene its individual atmosphere.

Act 1 Scene 1:

This scene is located on the Gun Terrace of the Castle of Elinsore. In this scene Marcellus and Bernardo are guarding the castle, it is where they see the ghost for the first time.


Act 1 Scene 2:

This scene is set in the main court. Claudius makes a speech to his subjects about the death of his brother and his recent marriage to his brothers Widow.


The graffiti that I have added as part of the design is intended to be done by projection mapping. Having the projection allows me to change the graffiti in different scenes so as to give a feel of another location.

The down stage graffiti under the platform is intended to show Claudius’ takeover and his current power. The head is intended to represent Hamlet Sr, and the fact that ‘Claudius’ has been graffitied over the top is meant to show how he caused the death of his own brother.

Act 1 Scene 5:

This scene is located once again on the Gun Terrace. It is the scene where Hamlet interacts with the ghost of his father.

ACT 1 SCENE 5.jpg

My idea is that the graffitied head itself is the ghost and that it can be illuminated when it interacts. I guess the graffitied face is there constantly, it almost seems like an all seeing eye and serves as a reminder of the betrayal that has occurred.

Gertrudes Quarters:

This scene, set in Gertrude’s Quarters, is where Gertrude meets with hamlet to confront him. Polonius has concealed himself in the room so he can watch over and make sure she was safe. Hamlet stabs Polonius in the hope that he was Claudius.


Again, the graffiti here is meant to help to install the idea of a bedroom. I have tried to incorporate lamp shades into the graffiti for this purpose. I have added a polythene curtain to the platform which becomes an area where Polonius can conceal himself.

The Players Scene:

In this scene Hamlet gets a group of actors to perform a play he has adapted that tells the story of how Claudius killed his own brother.


Here the graffiti that I have designed is intended to be sound waves, a modern idea for a play. I like the idea of the players using the sloped area of the set as a kind of platform. The players are intended to be the youths of the gang; easily impressionable and longing to impress both Claudius and Hamlet.

The Graveyard:

In this scene the funeral of Ophelia takes place in a cemetery.


For the graffiti in this scene I have drawn some gravestones, and some almost blood looking drips. I also came up with the thought of turning it into a memorial service rather than a funeral. I was thinking about how to turn the space I have into a grave yard, and I think it would be better to not take the idea of a funeral so literally, and alter that to fit in.


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