Once I had finished constructing my model box, I realised that I hadn’t considered a backdrop for my design. At the moment the backdrop is the theatre itself. To follow on from my concept I thought a great idea would be to get back out into Nottingham and take some photos of horizons and skylines that I could layer behind.

I went to various locations to try to find an image. These locations include The Corner House, The Victoria Centre and the top of the Plaza carpark. Each of the locations allowed me to get interesting photos, however a lot of the photos I got seemed to be at the wrong angle to work.

The final Photos to Choose from:


Taken from the top of the Plaza Carpark.


Taken from inside The Corner House.


Taken outside Aldi looking up at The Victoria Centre.

To help me decide which photo to use I turned to photo shop so I could test them out. I personally prefer the 3rd image as the backdrop.


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