Following on from my previous post I made last I have visited a few locations in Nottingham for inspiration for my concept.

The first place that I went to was the Nottingham Contemporary museum. Here i took photos under the bridge bellow, and of the stairs etc. I found this location interesting because of the different levels and the different materials that were there. I got some interesting photos that will definitely aid my design process.

I also visited a recently abandoned shopping strip in Lenton called Church Square.  It is a small strip of shops that are no longer in use due to redevelopment. The shops have only recently been vacated, with last cafe closing as late as April this year. I really liked the structural layout of the strip. I especially liked the colour of the metal stairs, this is definitely something I will take forward into my design; Blue industrial stairs.


Another key photo that I have taken for this project is one of my flat mate. I took this photo on a whim as I liked the graffiti, and he was wearing an outfit relevant to my concept. I really like the graffiti in this picture, as I think it represents the graffiti that Nottingham has. In the centre of Nottingham, especially, the graffiti is more like art than tag lines. I want to show this in my designs by making them more graphical.


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