Due to the fact our speculative designs for Hamlet are intended for the Nottingham Playhouse, I decided to look for an idea that would relate more to the location. I decided to look into gang culture, and the relevance of it here in Nottingham. After all Nottingham’s nickname is shottingham.

My initial research brought to light the Gunn brothers. They are to brothers that ran a cartel called the ‘Bestwood Cartel’. The story of the Gunn brothers is interesting, they were clever, they would give money to the locals etc to keep them on their side. They employed people to go into the police force on their behalf so they could avoid jail time. Colin Gunn notoriously worked with the police for self serving reasons; for example ratting out his enemies.

My set designs revolve around the idea of considering a place that the gang/ cartel would lurk. A sort of ‘patch’. I liked the idea of creating a sort of underworld theme through my set. The intention is to keep the set very naturalistic and applicable to Nottingham.

The first image to inspire me structurally, was this image of an underpass. I liked the levels that have been formed and the general shape. The idea of the graffiti on the upstage wall and then the strong angles formed by the rest of the concrete. I feel this image is really able to show the atmosphere I intend to create.

After looking at this particular image, I intend to venture out into Nottingham itself in order to seek out areas that exist here like this one. That way I can design something with more resonance to the  Gunn Brothers and Nottingham itself.

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