This week we have been introduced into the idea of Projection Mapping by the projection designer; Barret. I think its an interesting concept to understand, and consider including within designs. The idea is that images can be projected onto any surface in sequences, giving another layer to any design.

Within this workshop we were introduced to a variety of programs that allow you to accurately map and cue the projections. We also had a go at it ourselves. We were taken to Barret’s studio, which happened to be a small chapel. The idea was to allow us to try out the software, and to light a specific place.

We were split down into small groups and told to attempt to project a moment from Hamlet. Our group chose to look at when Polonius is stabbed, in particular the idea of revealing and concealing.

We chose a small window in the chapel to project onto. This was down to the variety of surfaces we could map images onto. After deciding our backdrop we set off to source images and videos for the projection.

Our idea was to find textures that could depict Polonius through imagery. We thought about Polonius and how he had a family, came across as quite sly and deceptive, loyal to Claudius, has strong ambitions, traditional; the idea was to try to show this. From these key themes I thought that we could use more industrial features to show him as a straight laced and efficient character. I also liked the idea of the contrast between the modern industrial fittings and the period architecture of the Chapel.

To create the Projection we used Qlab. This program allows you to accurately map images onto the window and also to create a simple cue list. Within the cue list it also allows you to add auto cues, and timers to the sequence. I really enjoyed learning this new software, and solving the problems that it brought.

Our final piece:

Final Video

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