Photoshop is another program that is important to understand within the theatre design proffession. Photoshop can be used to produce story boards, costume designs etc. It can produce drawings which depict the lighting and so are good drawings to give to directors/ lighting designers etc.

Our first task, to get to grips with photoshop, was to edit 6 photos of a skull using different effects. We had to play with brightness and contrast, levels, vibrancy, B&W, hue and saturation and also to post an original photo. We were also asked to add text to the photos, so we could experiment with that too.

Hamlet Skull

The next task we were given was to create a costume design. We were asked to cut out a full length figure using the quick selection and magic wand tools. This was a difficult thing to do, but a useful tool to use. The costume design on photoshop allows for a more precise design, and allows you to use lighting.

Person in Spotlight

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