The first task that we got after coming back from easter was to create a video that depicts the key characteristics of one of the 9 main characters. We were split into small groups to complete this task. The group that I was put into were given Horatio as our character.


Loyalty, strength, swordsmanship, moral, quiet.

Above I have listed the main characteristics we decided applied to Horatio. We also wanted to play on the fact that Shakespeare hints at the questionable side of his sexuality. We decided to create a soliloquy written about his love for hamlet that also exposes his key qualities.

The soliloquy:

Hamlet offers his arm to Ophelia, which she takes with a sly smile. He whispers sweetly in her ear and the two proceed to walk towards the gardens of the estate. All the while Horatio watches from the gun terrace, somber and pensive. Pacing back and forth he deliberates to himself the differences between his own relationship with Hamlet, and that of Ophelia’s.


“Does me think he holds her more dearly than I?

Her petal like hands held so delicately within his palm,

this master swordsman turned gentle creature?

My sorrow clashes with gratitude,

For she was able to tame his wilds

And rid him of his anguished heart.


How was it this mouse was able to free the lion;

Caged for so long after the king’s demise?

It harrows me with fear and wonder.

This delicate youth may prove to be to him what I cannot.

Her nature though wistful,

Bears the strength of the Mother all encompassing.

And so shall she be better matched than I?

But she lacks the sword that fits his sheath.


Horatio gazes towards the couple as Hamlet places his hand on the small of Ophelia’s back. She leans into his breast, he plants a feathered kiss onto her flushed cheek.


Rumors from weary soldiers

Tell the tale of a resurrected soul.

Clad in the king’s armour

I pray the mischievous mind of thine Hamlet

Bid this gossip to rest.

I beg him to relinquish these dark thoughts of revenge,

For it will be his ruin,

My ruin also.


I shall confront this demon myself,

If nothing but to save Hamlet’s tortured mind.

To bear the brute of hell is a small price

To save Denmark’s future king.


Thine unquestionable loyalty remains with Hamlet;

Thy fruit forbidden.

Eve was tempted by deceiving apples,

Yet to stay true to thine prince

I must remain unpeeled.

Revenge could cause his core to rot,

And send him to hells gates.

Although this sour act is ungodly,

I am bound to him who commits it.”


The day grows old, Hamlet bids Ophelia good night. He plants a sweet kiss upon her lips, before she pulls away and skips toward the castle. Hamlet remains a while, his hair caught in the wind, a smirk claims his face before he follows her to the castle’s front entrance. Horatio remains thoughtful before sighing, releasing his essence into the breeze and wandering along the gun terrace enering the prince’s castle through the rear.


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