For this project we are designing for the Nottingham Playhouse main stage. We took a visit to the stage so that we could photograph it, and get a real idea for the site lines of the stage. The playhouse is a more modern design for a theatre. The auditorium is circular and so there are a lot of ‘cheap seats’ located on the sides that have a slightly obstructed view from the pross.

Another obstructive feature of the theatre is the large circular structure with extra bars that hangs in front of the stage, this means that the height of any set needs to be seriously considered, to make sure that the people sitting at the very back and top get the full effect. The Juliet’s of the stage also offer 2 entrances/ exists on different levels, this is an interesting thing to know as a really simple way of adding levels could be achieved this way.

Going on this site visit has definitely helped me when considering designing, as it allows me to consider the practicality of the design, and how to make sure that all the audience gets the best experience they can. I was able to discover that a design would have to contain a perspective point/ vanishing point.

Nottingham Playhouse Seating Plan:

nottingham playhouse seating plan

Stage Left Circle:                                Centre Back Circle:                    Stage Right Circle:

Centre Back Stalls:                             Stage Right Stalls:

Images taken on stage and of the stage:


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