My first year at uni will be concluded by the project of ‘Hamlet’. For this project we have been asked to create a full set of costume designs for the 9 main characters, and a set design for the entirety of the show. The designs have to be relatable to the modern society. We have been asked to apply the main themes and issues into every day modern life, or look at the script conceptually and create something timeless.

Hamlet, as with any shakespeare play, is over flowing with themes and ideas that can be easily relatable to modern life; of course they are probably more exaggerated. The family life within the play is messed up, we are shown incestuous family units, and more conventional ones. This, as an example, can be applied to modern day life; looking at divorce within modern families and how this effects the children etc. There are a lot more themes, like this one, to experiment with.

I love the idea of striping the play down to the themes rather than playing on the literal ideas of monarchy and castles etc. I would like to explore this idea further and research what has already been done.

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