This project Is testing to say the least. Working in a group is always stressful, and I think this project proves it can be done. This project is a taste of how group dynamics work in this line of work. We have a designer, a director and then work men. It is interesting for all of us to see how that plays out.

We are using a lot of new techniques throughout this project. It is interesting to learn all these new skills and to be forced to think about budget. The fact that we have just finished scenic arts week has really helped us with this project, it is enabling us to achieve high standards of finish.

A large portion of our set is wood grained. Katie decided that this should be old and worn pine. We have to wood grain the staircase and the top of the steel deck in exactly the same way for it to tie together well.

To begin we mixed a very light sandy colour as a base coat. This was then followed with a layer of glaze to lock in the paint. To create the pine colours we used a orange brown and a dark brown mixed together. The dark brown layer made the pine look more authentic and old, whereas the orange colour gave the pine the ‘pine’ colour. For the wood grain detail we used a special tool that you glide along the surface of the paint and it takes away paint where the grain should be.




Another trial we faced with this project was sourcing a red carpet to run up the centre of the staircase. To solve this we called up a local carpet retailer to ask if they had anything they could give us. They luckily were able to supply us with a length of brown carpet. So now the challenge of turning the carpet red came into play. For this we had to do multiple tests. From our tests we worked out that painting the carpet a base of bright red and then spraying into the edges with a dar burgundy was the best way. This two tone effect gave the illusion of a old carpet that has been used well. To further the worn idea we used rasps and files to make the carpet thinner and frayed in the more used areas.

Carpet testing:


Finished carpet:




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