The second element of the scenic arts week was creating 2 large graffitied canvases. These were split into small sections, giving each course member their own small piece to paint. The aim of the exercise was to look at painting to scale, and ultimately joining separate pieces of work together to form a whole.

I think the most difficult part of this exercise was making sure that each section matched up. We had to match painting styles with the people around us, meaning that we had to control our individual styles. This is not something I have ever had to consider before, however it is obviously something that will be very important in the world of theatre design. I think that we all learnt a lot by participating in this, and that it worked really well as a whole.

We were given a 1:25 scale photograph of a graffitied wall to begin with. We then had to translate a section of this to 1:1 scale onto canvas. This was surprisingly difficult as we had to use both our judgment and accurate measurement in order to make it look right and fit in with other peoples sections.

Each colour that we used had to be mixed and watered down until it matched what was in the photograph. Again, with this element we had to be able to work well in a team so that everything matched up. This led us to sharing the mixing process and to sharing colours across the whole canvas.

I really enjoyed the scenic arts week, and I think that the final piece was very striking. However I do not think that this will be the career path for me, as I ended up getting really bored of painting the same thing. It required a lot of patience.


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