The first task that we were set within the scenic art week was to create a section of brick wall. The task seemed daunting at first due to the materials we were presented, however turned out to be relatively simple.

We were given a rectangular piece of MDF and a load of smaller brick sized pieces of soft board. Soft board was a good material to use when creating a brick surface, as when it was split in half it had a rough surface similar to that of a brick. We split each section of soft board in half using a scraper to slice it.

Reference images were given to us so that we could decide on a layout for the wall. It was important to know where to put full bricks and where to put half bricks. From this reference imagery I placed the bricks and then glued them to the board with PVA.

After sticking the bricks to the MDF I covered the hole board in idenden, which is a paint that has a plastic content. This process creates a more durable, hard surface. This material created interesting effects, and allowed us to create more uneven mortar lines.

The next step was to cover the whole board in a coat of black paint. This would be the base for our brick wall, It worked well to create an old style wall that had dark mortar lines.

On top of the black coat we simply rolled a selection of browns and reds using a small roller. This layering process is what provides the brick texture. The dollar, when pushed lightly, allowed the paint to not cover the whole surface. Black bits still seeped through, creating the illusion of weathering and dirt.

The last step was then to add a lighter colour into the mortar lines. This lighter colour was used to represent when the wall had previously been repointed and fixed.


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