This project, although speculative, also asks that we create a 1:25 scale model of our set design. We have constructed this out of card, foam board and any other materials we can get our hands on. This was quite a testing task as I have not done anything like this before. 1:25 is a very small scale and so all the elements are so fiddly to create.

We began by constructing the theatre itself out of card and foam board. To do this I measured the studio space and then converted it to a scale of 1:25. These measurements were then used to create a scale ground plan which we drew out both by hand and on auto CAD. This was difficult to accurately create this box.

All of the walls were made out of foam board, and the floor from card. The floor had a top and bottom piece, and then sandwiched between them were card struts in order to give the structure enough support.

Once the box was constructed I then set to building my set. I mostly used card to create it. I had to research the size of the furniture and the average measurements of stairs and things like that.

Luckily for me my set is quite simple and so can be constructed simply too. I created the platforms separately out of card and then used masking tape to add the details to the corners, I then smothered the whole thing in PVA glue and painted black. This was the process behind most of my set construction.





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