After concentrating on costume design for so long, moving onto set design seems quite difficult. I think that my time could have been better spent by beginning set design earlier on and taking less time on the costumes.

Having all of my costumes designed definitely aided me when looking at the set design. It has allowed me to understand the play more and to know the characters and how they would move in the space.

Amanda Whittington included a note at the beginning of her play, saying that the scene changes should be filmic and fluid. This is the most important thing for me to consider whilst designing the set. I think that the set needs to be simple, and needs to act as an aid to the actors and not as a distraction.

I think that the play itself is quite a complicated one, and so I would really like to create a set that helps the understanding of the audience. I think it needs to be a simple design so as to not confuse the audience any further.

When it comes to the scene changes, I really like the idea of doing them through using lighting. The idea that part of the stage will be lit up for one scene, and then it would black out as another scene lights up. I like the idea of using levels to create different spaces.

The spaces I need to create are ‘The Little’, ‘The Court’, a bedroom, a prison and a court house. I want to be able to re use spaces in order to make the set less busy. I think that combining the two clubs into one space is a good idea. I have been considering flying in the names of the club to distinguish between the two. Also I think it would be a good idea to use the bar as the prison and the court docs in some way.

Using Getty images I have found a lot of imagery that shows what 1950s London would have been like. I even managed to find images of Ruth Ellis in ‘The Little’ Club itself. I think this really helps when it comes to designing these spaces. I particularly liked the arched shelves that feature behind the bar. I think this would be a good feature to include in my design.

Ruth Ellis in The Little



I think that this idea is an interesting concept, however I think that the scale is too big for the space. The sight lines would be disrupted by the levels. I really do like the idea of levels though, the fact that the actors will be at different heights as they interact.




I think this design is better proportions for the space. It will all be made out of black materials, and will seem a little like frame work. This is to make sure that it is very simplistic.


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