The finished versions of my costume designs are more refined. I have added colour in order to form a better representation of each character. I have also chosen to show all of each characters costumes on one sheet of paper. I think this allows their journeys to be shown.


-Scene 1: Ruth begins dressing herself. She is in the underwear below, and dresses into the pencil skirt and top. She remains in this outfit until scene 8.

-Scene 8: Ruth becomes the manageress of ‘The Little’ club. In this scene she changes into the red dress below. Here I think she becomes more confident in herself and more showy.

-Scene 9: Ruth comes into ‘The Little’ club wearing underwear and a mens dinner jacket. She is looking a little rough and is searching for alcohol. Here I drew her in the same underwear as the beginning, I wanted to make sure she still looked glamarous.

-Act 2 Scene 2: Ruth is in a coat and hat as she attends Vickie’s funeral. I put her in a statement red coat and a small simple hat. Social etiquette in the 50s was a lot more rigid than it is now with regards to funerals, and so I probably should have put her in black or at least with a black mourning band around her sleeve.

-Act 2 Scene 3: Ruth wears the red dress, she seductivly dances for Gale and begins to remove the dress.

-Act 2 Scene 4: Ruth is left in her underwear with a huge bloody blanket draped around her.

-Act 2 Scene 5: Simple grey button up prison uniform.

-Act 2 Scene 6: Ruth wears a black 2 piece suit and spike heels to her court hearing. She has just re bleached her hair.


-Scene 4: Vickie first appears with a coat on and a suitcase in hand. Here I have put her in a simple yellow wrap coat and a green dress.

-Scene 5: Ruth changes into a pair of green trousers and a cream cardigan. She also wears a green neck tie to glamourise the outfit. This is when she starts working for ‘The Court’ and so can afford a few more items of clothing.

-Act 2 Scene 6: Vickie becomes the judge. I have put her in exactly the same outfit as Ruth.



-Scene 2: Sylvia is wearing her everyday clothing. She is sophisticated in a high waisted full skirt and a tightly fitting jacket. The outfit is inspired by Dior’s new look.

-Scene 8: Sylvia puts on a black coat and black hat. The hat is on the side of her head, as a fashion statement.

-Act 2 Scene 5: Sylvia visits Ruth in jail and so wears her coat and hat again.

-Act 2 Scene 7: She is back in her everyday clothes as her and Doris get on with their work.



-Scene 6: She first appears in her simple cleaning outfit of a skirt, a apron, a blouse and a cardigan. She remains in this outfit for the duration of the play.

-Act 2 Scene 2: Doris puts on a simple black coat and a hat.

-Act 2 Scene 5: She is still wearing the coat and hat as she visits Ruth in jail.

-Act 2 Scene 7: She removes the coat.



-Scene 1: Gale is a shadowy figure wearing his 3 piece suit, over coat and trilby hat.

-Scene 2: Gale removes coat and hat.

-Act 2 Scene 1: Gale sits on the floor in a pile of case files. He is still wearing the suit, however he looks dishevelled. So jacket off, shirt untucked, tie untied.

-Act 2 Scene 3: Back into smart suit.

-Act 2 Scene 7: Gale puts on his overcoat and hat again as he departs from Sylvie and Doris’ lives.



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