Designing a play is something that is new to me. I have never had the opportunity to design both the set and the costumes for a production. It is important for all of the designs to work well together, to compliment each other.

I have begun the design process by looking at the costume design. I think that it is important to understand each of the characters before you design their world.

When I read the play I found there was a very strong sense of personality for each of the characters. This then suggests that each of the characters need to be very different in the way that they dress. Having 4 Women to design for is quite a challenging thing. I want to come up with ways to give them strong individuality.

Hair styles and colours are an easy way to set people apart from each other. It mentions in the text that Ruth is a blonde bombshell, and so her defining feature will be this heavily sculptured platinum blonde hairstyle. Doris Judd is the plainer out of the women, she is the cleaner, I see her as being an older more motherly character. This suggests to me that she would have a simple brunette bob and simple slightly out dated clothing. Sylvia Shaw, the manageress, I also see as a older character. I see her as a harsher character, more like a neglectful mother, she cares about her girls because what they do reflects on her. I think she would be more classy and elegant, an older woman who still thinks she’s got it. A simple 50s style up do would allow her to be separated from the rest. Vickie Martin, the tabloid star, I see as being young and feisty. I think she’d be the most daring of them all and the most out there. I decided that she should have a trendy short auburn hairstyle. I also thought about her outfits all being a green colour to complement the red of the hair.

Gale is an easier character to design for. He is the only male in the play, and is a Scotland Yard detective. I think that he would have been a smart man and so thought a 3 piece suit is the best idea. I think that he’d wear all the trimmings, so a tie clip and cuff links etc. He also is mentioned in the text to be wearing an overcoat and trilby hat. I see him as being a you aspirational man who is slightly naive to the world.

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