THE THRILL OF LOVE  by Amanda Whittington.

Our second project of the term is a speculative design project based on the play ‘The Thrill of Love’. This play is written about Ruth Ellis; The last person to ever be sentenced to capital punishment in the UK. It is a true story.

For this Project we are expected to design the set, costumes, props and look at the lighting. The space that we are designing for is our studio theatre within the uni itself. For this project we do not get budgets or any restrictions; we can do what we want.

‘The Thrill of Love’ is a designers nightmare. It is full of scene and costume changes. It is imperative that all the changes are seamlessly fluid, otherwise the play becomes blocky and does not work. The main challenge I can foresee with this project is finding a way to create a design that works well for the show but that is not complicated. I think there is a huge danger that the design will confuse the audience, and therefore not aid the show.

Extra Thrill of Love

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