Our groups final idea for our puppet show stems from the initial concept of mental health. Our show is to be focused around a poem that comments on the struggles of a woman living with severe anxiety. It is full of striking metaphors that help to describe her feelings, and the feelings of others with similar health issues. We felt, as a group, that the poem is easy to relate to and can help us to enlighten others to the struggles faced by those who live with mental health issues.

Anxiety: a ghost story.’ By Brenna Twhoy

Our idea is to take key words, phrases and ideas from this poem and act them out using our puppet. Previously we had discussed how horror could become an interesting theme to look at within a puppet show. By using this poem we feel we can touch on this idea.

‘to love me is to love a haunted house,

it’s fun to visit once a year,

but no one wants to live there.’

This is one of the key quotes we have taken from the poem. The idea of comparing the body to architecture, from a design point of view, is an interesting one. There is a lot we can do with this.


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