My name is Lucy Isabel Bond, I am currently a Theatre Design student at Nottingham Trent University. As a designer I like to stray a little bit from traditional theatre; I like to put a more modern/ personal spin on things. Much the same with my design, I like to go and watchmore unconventional performances that stray from the typical ‘black box’ design.


Recently I went to see a production of ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground’ in the London Waterloo Vaults. This is a promenade and immersive piece that threw you right into the centre of Alice’s World, where you were forced to undertake tasks that either helped to over throw the Queen or protect her. I like the fact that within this production you had no idea what was coming next, you constantly had an uncomfortable feeling about what was around the next corner or through the next door. The audience were being split up, sent off in random directions and even made to hold hands and skip; somehow within this action there were no questions asked and the entire audience felt compelled to comply. Not only was the production itself insane, but the bar/ restaurant was just as amazing with its own game of flamingo croquet. It is not often that I go and see a production that feels so real, and because of this I would not hesitate to go back.


Another Production that has amazed me this summer has been Wildwork’s production of ‘Wolfs Child’. Not only was I lucky enough to see this show, but I also had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the team. The production was a promenade performance created on a beautiful country estate in the Depths of Cornwall; Trelowarren. I think the most amazing thing about this production was the merging of the two worlds. By this I mean the way that the designer considered, first, what was actually there on the grounds, and then what he could add to it to create his vision. Continuing on from this to build the scenes we used a lot of foraged materials that we simply moved and set to create what needed to be created. It is easy for someone to come in and simply build their vision, but to truly consider the setting and how to complement it within your design is a different story; I think this lesson is something that will stay with me for a long time.